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June 26

Sanford Signs Letter Calling for Justice Ginsburg Recusal:  I have always loved symbolism found in the statue of Lady Justice.

The blindfold represents objectivity. Justice should be dealt from our courts objectively, without fear or favour, regardless of money, wealth, power, or identity. In her left hand, Lady Justice holds balance scales, which represent the weighing of evidence.

In this light, the Supreme Court today decided to hear the Trump travel ban case during their next term to determine whether the ban is constitutional. Whether one agrees or disagrees with this ban, it raises the larger question of impartiality in the way our court system decides things - and the degree to which we hold true to the objectivity our Founding Fathers envisioned for our courts.

I mention all this because I joined 57 other members of Congress on a letter that calls for Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to recuse herself in the travel ban case based on her comments last year about then-candidate Trump. The letter is led by Congressman Ron DeSantis, and you can see it here.

What has occurred here has parallels to Attorney General Jeff Sessions decision to recuse himself from investigating Trump, given the fact that he is a Trump appointee. I was pleased with his decision and bringing in Robert Mueller, a former FBI Director under the Obama and Bush Jr. administrations, to independently investigate the matter.

Attorney General Sessions made the right call...step aside so as not to cast a cloud of doubt over any final decision. It’s with this in mind that I feel that Justice Ginsburg should do the same in the case challenging Trump’s temporary travel ban.

As a rule, Supreme Court Justices are supposed to recuse themselves when their “impartiality might reasonably be questioned” or where they have “a personal bias or prejudice concerning a party.” Based on Justice Ginsburg’s past comments, it seems pretty clear to me that this criteria is met. During the campaign months, she said, “I can’t imagine what this place would be - I can’t imagine what the country would be - with Donald Trump as our president;” and on another occasion, she called him “a faker.” When thinking about the country under a Trump presidency, she said “I don’t want to think about that possibility.” Again, whether we agree or disagree with these statements is not relevant, but what is relevant is whether or not a justice who holds these views can be impartial in their decision making.

It was appropriate for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to step down in rendering judgement on Trump, and I think the same holds true for Justice Ginsburg... Click here to read the letter...

June 28

Rep. Sanford speaking on EPA's Waters of the U.S. rule

EPA to Repeal the Waters of the United States Rule: 
Yesterday, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced a proposed rule to repeal the Waters of the United States rule imposed under the Obama administration.

This is a big deal.

The decision by U.S. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt was significant ultimately not with regard to water and the environment - but with regard to control. To say that all intermittent stream beds of this country are jurisdictional waters of the United States is to turn upside down the idea of local control...and the historic nexus of federal control versus state control.

In the larger tug-of-war between federal and state control, what the Trump administration is doing here is vital, and it's important in this case to give credit where credit is due.

I’ve written on this a few times and am sharing the video above and posts below with you.

• Facebook Post - April 17, 2015
• Facebook Post - January 21, 2016

June 29

House Passes Protecting Access to Care Act: 
Yesterday, the House passed H.R. 1215, the Protecting Access to Care Act, by a vote of 218 to 210. This bill provided legal reforms that were scored by the Congressional Budget Office to save $50 billion in federal healthcare cost over the next ten years.

The big question in this bill was whether or not there was preemption of state law. Initially, I thought there might be, and for this reason, I had planned to vote against it. I have always believed in the importance of medical malpractice reform, and it was with this in mind that I pushed for it as hard as I did during my years as governor.

But I also believe in the notion of federalism... Click here to read more...

June 30

Sanford Welcomes Congressional Art Winner to Washington: 
Yesterday, Representative Mark Sanford congratulated the First District’s 2017 Congressional Art Competition Winner, My’Asia McCollum, in his Washington, DC office. My’Asia, who graduated this spring from Cane Bay High School in Summerville, was recognized for her piece entitled “Centenary 1947.” 

Rep. Sanford released the following statement:

“It was a pleasure to meet My’Asia, congratulate her in person, and share how impressed I am with her artwork. The Congressional Art Competition celebrates the talent and passion of our country’s young artists like My’Asia. In that regard, it seems to me that we have a number of impressive individuals both in the Lowcountry and across the nation.”

My’Asia’s art will hang in the Capitol for the next year with the other participating, district winners nationwide. The Congressional Art Competition is an annual contest where high school students from each congressional district submit entries to their Representative’s office. In addition to having their artwork displayed in the Capitol building, winners also travel to Washington, DC for recognition and a special ceremony.

Rep. Sanford with My'Asia McCollum

July 1

Designating Fort Sumter & Fort Moultrie as National Parks:
In case you missed it, Senator Tim Scott and I introduced legislation this past Wednesday on Carolina Day to designate Fort Sumter and Fort Moultrie as national parks. 

These two sites are profoundly important to our nation and represent an essential part of South Carolina’s role in securing the personal freedoms we all enjoy today...with Fort Sumter being where the first shots were fired during our Civil War and the Battle of Sullivan’s Island at Fort Moultrie, which saw 435 US militia fend off 2,200 British infantry a week before the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

The Post and Courier article I’m sharing below highlights this bill. Check it out! 

Click above to read article


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