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October 23

Small Business Tax Equity Act: It’s often one thing to talk about ideas...and another to act on them.

Such is the case with federalism, the idea that the government most local to the people should have a voice. The Founding Fathers were in fact explicit about stating that those powers not specifically reserved for the federal government were to be controlled by state and local government...and even me and you as individuals. It’s a great concept, but it’s a difficult one.

I say this because people like the idea, but oftentimes when something comes along that they don’t like, they don’t mind having the federal government supercede state and local government to advance their belief. But that’s not federalism.

This idea very specifically applies to marijuana policy, wherein many states have legalized its medical use, and yet federal policy still works against what the states have decided. Whether you’re for or against the medical use of marijuana matters less than whether we really subscribe and adhere to the founders’ belief in federalism...because it was one of the key balancing tools to offsetting an overgrown and controlling federal government. In short, even with ideas we may not like, it’s important to adhere to federalism if you believe in limiting the size of our federal government... Click here to read more...

October 24

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REAL ID: The Tenth Amendment says that “the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

Yet, the so-called “REAL ID” Act went against that very principle, as it attempted to usurp state powers in the issuing of driver’s licenses in lieu of a federal standard. The result is a de facto national ID card that should scare every one of us because centralized databases holding personal information have never been synonymous with liberty. Come to think of it, they’ve never even been sympathetic to the liberty our Founding Fathers promised each one of us. And make no mistake, civil liberty - the ability to have some level of privacy with our personal information and the electronic effects of what we say and how we say it - is a key tenant to the larger notion of liberty... Click here to read more...

October 25

Ongoing Management Challenges at the IRS: If you’d like to get a firsthand look at what created the Trump phenomenon and in many ways represents the the personification of the dysfunction that baffles people’s mind when they think about Washington, take a look at the video below. In it, you will see bits of a House Oversight Committee hearing that I was a part of this afternoon. Today’s topic was Ongoing Management Challenges at the IRS, and I’d love your thoughts….

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October 26

The Budget: 
Today, the House voted in favor of a Senate amendment to H.Con.Res. 71, the House Budget Resolution for 2018. The amendment was actually a whole budget in itself, which replaced the original House-passed text entirely. In other words, the vote was really on the Senate’s budget. While it passed, 216 to 212, I voted no, and I write to offer a little explanation as to why.

In my view, this was an incredibly important vote.

At one level, it was nothing more than a vehicle for tax reform. It’s for this reason that I had supported the House budget twice - both in its passage out of committee and on the floor. In fairness to many of my colleagues, this is why many voted as they did today.

But at another level, it had real significance in signaling which way Congress intends to go on the larger issue of spending. The old saying is “if not now, then when,” and this certainly applies on budgetary matters that have been deferred, deferred, and deferred. As I have said many times, I really do believe that as a nation we are at a crossroads financially. If we do not get our house in order, the financial markets will do it for us, and the history of this process has been brutal for taxpayers that have been subjected to it over the ages.

Financial discipline is a topic that has been pushed aside by both parties for far too long. And while both parties may have been well-intended in eventually getting to it, the road to hell really is paved with good intentions.

So that brings us to this vote. Here is why I felt I had to vote “no” at the end of the day on this one... Click here to read more...

October 27


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