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Weekly Review

January 24:

House Watchdog Panel: 
Quick update…the House Oversight Committee has been added to my list of committees….

It required a waiver to pick up a third committee, but if I can manage all three, I think it will give us additional leverage in our office’s voice in pushing for the government we do have being more effective and efficient for the taxpayer.

I am retaining my seats on the House Budget Committee (House Budget Committee GOP) and the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and will keep you posted as things develop on all three committees.

January 27:

Soaring Deficits - A Wake Up Call: Hang onto your hat as we continue to sleep walk our way to most predictable financial crisis in the history of man...

In this vein, the graph below helps put this week’s Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projections into further perspective. What it shows is what will happen with deficits growing again, if there is no change in the law…and mind you, even the underlying projections on which these budget numbers are based are built on what I believe to be rosy projections.

January 28:

Term Limits Amendment: I don’t know if you saw it, but Senator Ted Cruz and Congressman Ron DeSantis introduced their term limits bill again a few weeks ago, which was the first day of the new Congress. Congressman Steven Palazzo, also introduced one, and I went on this bill as well.  

As proposed constitutional amendments, both bills would require a two-thirds vote in both the House and Senate, and ratification by three-fourths of the states (38) to become part of the Constitution. So, it’s a tough lift, but I believe a vital one.

I say this in part because the larger issue here is that there seems to be a direct correlation between length of time in office and a propensity to spend federal dollars. Term-limited lawmakers would be more likely to see a big number as a big number...and by extension look out for the longer-range financial interests of our country. I think that’s why constitutional term limits are one of the needed antidotes to Washington’s spending.

I’m proud that U.S. Term Limits has honored me, along with the whole South Carolina delegation, as “best in the nation for work to limit terms.” I’ll keep trying here and will continue to update you as things develop on this front.


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